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Alpari contests

Total 2021 prize fund: More than 70,000 USD2021 demo prize fund: More than 18,000 USDAvailable monthly prizes: More than 80

Our contests

Formula FX

A contest for those who don't like standing still. Show the highest return at maximum speed, and race to the finish in the space of just one week.

  • Round duration: 1 week
  • Total prizes each round: 1,900 USD and 10,000 ALP
  • Available prizes: 40
Virtual Reality

Risk-free: trading on "virtual" demo accounts leads to real-world cash prizes. The winners are determined according to a mix of profit, drawdown, and profit factor...

  • Round duration: 3 weeks
  • Number of rounds: 12
  • Total prizes each round: 1 090 USD and 15,600 ALP
  • Available prizes: 30

A word from the winner

I regularly take part in Formula FX. I keep track of all the leaders and how consistent their results are. I analyse the market according to a lot of different criteria in my trading. I study information on various currencies from various sources. This includes keeping track of the weekly events calendar and of speeches from world leaders. But life has taught me to trust my instincts and knowledge, as well as not to be greedy. That last part is very important for any trader who wants to be successful.
Sergey Kobzar
Formula FX winner

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